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IDEA @ HDRN Canada

The IDEA Team strives to benefit people who have been and continue to be systematically excluded from data research and further marginalized by the findings of data outputs. Work is now underway to establish an IDEA strategy for HDRN Canada to deliver education and training to build organizational capacity as well as identify priorities, barriers, challenges and opportunities for IDEA across the network. See the IDEA Team Terms of Reference.

HDRN Canada’s IDEA Team is composed of 30 people from each HDRN Canada Member Organization, all HDRN Canada Working Groups and Teams and SPOR SUPPORT Units from across the country. The IDEA Team is actively committed to IDEA-informed change, focusing on a range of issues, from the collection, access, use and dissemination of administrative or routinely collected data in research and across the data lifespan, to issues pertinent to the operation and co-creation of HDRN Canada as a distributed network. The IDEA Team has three goals:


Learn about and share information to embed IDEA into every Working Group, Team or operational process central to HDRN Canada and within HDRN Canada’s Member Organizations.


Challenge the status quo, bringing together knowledge and experience from across the country to recognize and dismantle potentially damaging norms that have and continue to exist in our collective work and research environments.


Support the identification, development and implementation of IDEA strategies with consideration of the diverse needs for IDEA-informed data research in Canada.

IDEA Definitions & Principles for Working Together

This living document helps create a shared understanding of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility at HDRN Canada, offering a baseline for enacting these concepts and principles in our collective work.


Big IDEAs About Health Data

HDRN Canada’s Big IDEAs about Health Data Speaker Series features a variety of experts discussing how data can be used to advance health equity in Canada.

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